These are REAL testimonials from REAL people who have worked with me and wanted a different experience!

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I can’t say that I’m surprised by how amazing my experience was; I had full confidence in Michelle from the start. I’ve been wanting to book her since first seeing her Instagram page, but never had a “reason.” Now being engaged, I definitely had to book a shoot. My fiancé and I had never done professional photos before, and at first we felt a little camera shy. Michelle turned that around quickly though. She gave great direction without having us actually pose. The photos were so naturally beautiful and everything I wanted them to be. It’s seriously going to be hard for me choose my favorites. The shoot itself was quick and seamless which was great. And to top it off - we even got the pictures back really quick! This was truly a perfect experience from start to finish. Michelle is super sweet and her passion just shines through her. She was meant for this! Without a doubt, I’ll be booking her again. Thank you again for the beautiful photos!  


Michelle is nothing short of incredible. This was my second shoot with her and my boyfriends first. Michelle never fails to make me feel comfortable, confident and beautiful! I’m not normally the person to put myself out there and do a photoshoot so she takes control of posing me, makes me laugh and anything she has to do to get the perfect shot! This girl really knows what she’s doing! Every time she pulled a prop out I asked her what they were for, she showed me what she does with them and wow, the things she can do is amazing! Convincing my boyfriend Dylan to do this shoot with me was not easy but it was totally worth it! At the end of the shoot he looked at me and said “Michelle is really good, I had a lot of fun.” It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, she makes you feel amazing and makes the shoot fun for everyone! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and Dylan and I’m so excited to have Michelle to capture every special moment of it! Can’t wait for my next shoot!


“The Ideal Experience”

-is what I would say to sum up my experiences with Michelle.

She allowed me to express myself and perfectly executed what I had pictured in my head and made those photos a tangible reality. She is so easy to work with. Schedule wise, and just through the entire process of the actual shoot, turn around time when it comes to photos, enhancing or adding to the creative ideas I have before, during and after the shoot. As someone who’s worked with many photographers from all over, Michelle has to be one of my favorites. She’s encouraging, sweet and makes the most comfortable environment for creativity to flow. She’s laid back, but knows what she is doing. Put it this way, my first time shooting with Michelle went over so well, I went back to her again, and we’ve planned out more. She’s almost like a mind reader and I get so excited to open her files every time she tells me she’s added more. If you’re a model, a family, or looking for a product photographer, I suggest Michelle. Because not only is she knowledgeable about photography, but she’s easy to talk to and express your vision to. You will always get what you’re looking for with her.

- Hailey (@haaaileeeyyy)


Michelle is fantastic to work with. Her attention to detail matches her sharp ability to get the shots in a timely fashion that still result in amazing work. Shes easy going, fun and sweet to work with. I first worked with her on a cosplay shoot where I played Batman against the Joker and was blown away when I saw the photos, we hired her to do a family photoshoot and despite my oldest having JUST fallen asleep as we arrived and being in a cranky mood for about 1/2 the shoot, she captured it in a way you would never know. As a professional photographer myself, its often hard to find someone you enjoy working with when you want to be photographed, but Michelle is exceptionally talented and I have been happy both times I have worked with her and plan to many more in the future.


My experience with Michelle is always a pleasure. From booking the actual shoot to the finished product I am always pleased. Her work is absolutely outstanding and always EXACTLY what I was looking for. I have worked with many photogrtaphers over the last three years and she is one of my favorites. I can’t wait for our next shoot!

- Ashley (@Ms_Ashleyy)


Michelle was amazing to work with and I felt so comfortable working with her! Her work was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! She managed to capture the small details and turn them into something so meaningful! I am definitely looking forward to working with her again!


Where do I even begin? Michelle is not just a photographer, she is a visionary artist. I have worked with her multiple times, and my experience is always a pleasure. Michelle is friendly, attentive, and truly inspiring. I love that she doesn’t just take “pictures,” she captures moments and freezes them in time with her photographs. Thank you is simply not enough.