Booking you Boudoir Session is easy!

My session fee is $550 and I require a $50 deposit at time of booking to hold your session date. Message me through my Contact Page so we can chat. We will talk dates, check availability and book you! I will send you tips on wardrobe choices, recommend places to shop and easy steps to follow the week before your shoot to get your skin prepped and glowing.

All Products are Sold Separately.

Products + Packages start at $800

Payment Plans are Available.



Session Fee

Pre-Session Consult

Professional Hair & Makeup


1 Hour Session

Professional Posing & Styling

Online Digital Image Gallery

Custom Downloadable App

Professional Retouching

Professionally Edited Images





Who does my hair and makeup?


I met this beauty through Instagram. She reached out to me when I put out that I was looking for someone to team up with on my boudoir sessions. We met up and I felt like we instantly hit it off. We had the same goals in mind, and now the rest is history. I am so glad to have her apart of my team. I love her hair and makeup skills. She is included in my pricing so you DO NOT have to pay extra to get your hair and makeup done. If you’re interested in getting your hair colored or cut by her she is located in New Paltz at Studio One Hair Design.

Where will my session be?

I have an indoor bedroom setting located right in Newburgh, New York. It’s a beautiful teal room with black carpeting, and teal and black silk bedding to match. The lighting in the room is so beautiful and soft during the day. I also offer night sessions with my studio lighting and the room illuminates so nicely. It definitely offers a perfect mix of vibrant and airy! I also have a studio bedroom setting in the same location. That room has a dark teal wall and three other white walls, with wood flooring. I will also shoot at a specific location of your choice if you request it.

I also have a few outdoor locations I can offer for sessions if you’re feeling extra crazy. They are all private and safe for sessions.

What do your packages include?

A boudoir session starts at $550. That includes a one hour session, the retouching of your images, an online digital gallery and more. Some of the luxury products I offer include leather boudoir albums, metal wall art, canvas prints, glamour print boxes and so much more. All luxury products are an extra cost on top of your session fee.

My actual packages start at $800 and up. On average clients spend about $925 for their session and the products they want.

Payment plans are available and I accept numerous forms of payment options.

  • I do add sales tax to sessions that are paid with credit card.

Do I need to be a model to book with you?

NO. While although I have worked with models in the past, majority of the women I have worked with are regular women just like you. By the end of the session you will feel like a bad ass, confident model. And while you see a lot of boudoir images shared across my social media and my website, I will only share your images with your consent. In my contract I have a Model Release section. If it is not signed, the photos will stay in my archives.

What do you edit out?

I like to keep my editing more on the natural side. If you want something specific edited out, just let me know during your session. I will always remove skin blemishes and make your skin as flawless as possible, but all while keeping your natural beauty as well. This is all about showing you how beautiful you are.

While I have no problem with you getting your makeup done for your shoot, especially if it helps you feel good, I also love when you don’t. Makeup can sometimes look heavy in photos, and sometimes it makes editing harder. So do not fret if you want to come to your session with a bare face - although I will always recommend some mascara!

Do my photos have to be posted?

NO! I will only post your photos if you sign the model release form. There is also an option to have only the “anonymous” photos posted which means only the ones that do not show your face.

The benefit to allowing me to share your photos is it might help another woman get the courage to step out of her comfort zone and book with me as well! I am all about spreading self love and self confidence!


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