Mithrin Media was founded 3+ years ago. I have built my business around love and empowering women!

I have been photographing professionally for over 5 years. I take photographs all over the Hudson Valley. I’m so grateful for the beautiful scenery it has to offer!

I want to give each of my clients a new experience, and even my return offenders a different experience than the last.

I want to get to know you and laugh with you during your shoot while I am creating your dream images. I want to make your nerve wracking experience of being barely clothed in front of another woman feel like you’re just hanging out with your girl friend. I want to show you a side of you that you have never seen and hopefully you fall in love with. I want to capture the love you have for each other on a deeper level. I want to work with your crying child and capture something you didn’t even see me catch.

All I need is your time and trust and I will give you a different experience that you will love.

Mithrin Media is located in Newburgh, New York. I offer family, newborn, milk baths and boudoir studio sessions. And I travel all around the Hudson Valley for weddings, engagements and much, much more!

“Michelle is super sweet and her passion just shines through her. She was meant for this! Without a doubt, I’ll be booking her again.”


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Email : hello@mithrinmedia.co